I will be using PHP to fetch videos and display in the webpage. As we are going to get YouTube video list by keyword let’s build a simple form where user can enter their keyword. The YouTube Data API can be used to upload and search for videos, manage playlists and subscriptions, update channel settings and more. How to get a list of videos in YouTube channel using PHP & YouTube API. We also add two more fields where user can pick a number of videos to return and can choose the search by option.

Complete manual on YouTube Data API.

You can create awesome applications using the YouTube API and also can embed videos from your YouTube channel. The API provides two methods to jump playback: – seekToMillis() – Seeks to the specified time in the video. Get comprehensive information on YouTube API setting, optimizing and limits from professionals. youtube api video category id list.

If you have a requirement to retrieve videos from YouTube channel and listing on the website, our example script will help you a lot.


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GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Upload Video On YouTube Channel using YouTube API We got the access token details which will be used for uploading the video on the YouTube channel through the Google API. This article shows how to retrieve all videos from a specific YouTube Channel using the latest YouTube API V3. In this tutorial, we'll review the YouTube Data API portal and show you how to use the API to build a simple app that can return the contents of a playlist.

YouTube offers various powerful ways to play around with videos.

This tutorial demonstrates how to use YouTube Data API v3 to Integrate YouTube videos …

The various resources can be retrieved from YouTube channel using Data API. This post is for you.

I will show how to retrieve YouTube videos from YouTube playlist using YouTube API. In order to use YouTube API, you need to create or obtain API Key.

By using this key, you can make YouTube Data API requests. Create YouTube API Key.

If you want to implement YouTube videos gallery on your website, it could be done using YouTube Data API and PHP . But as I mentioned before, the access token would expire after some time and we will regenerate it in the background without asking for authorization process again. You can search YouTube video on the basis of Date, Rating, Relevance, Title, or View count.